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Late Registration is open from December 4, 2018 until December 31st.   There is a $50 dollar late fee assessed on all animals at this time. Begin your online entry by first completing the Exhibitor registration, you will then be prompted for your entry once the Exhibitor registration is complete.  Please complete the online registration in its entirety. Please make sure that you have entered only one entry for each species which might be shown for each exhibitors.   If you need help in completing this form please contact Kirby Garrett at vlsentries@yahoo.com  or (361) 550-5438
As a final check make sure name and address is spelled correctly as that is the way it will appear on all forms this year. When you choose a Disposition for your animal you will choose either a slaughter house (if you want to keep the meat) or the VLS buyer.  The slaughter house only will take care of animals for exhibitors who want the animal processed and plan on keeping the meat for themselves. The slaughter houses do not purchase your animals from you.
 The entry process is a two step process.….…..You must first enter online(here) for VLS then you must present the animal for validation(tagging) at the times listed in the rules book.  Remember you are allowed to tag as many animals as you want to, however you may only show one live and one carcass animal.  If you are showing steers and you own 2 steers take both steers in for tagging but only enter one steer online.  The family can tag animals as a family, however each exhibitor will need to enter each species which they would like to show.  For example John and Mary own as a family 2 steers and 1 goat : John wants to possibly show the goat or the steer, therefore he must enter one of each. Mary want to show just the steer, therefore she enters the steer only.  If the family wants to decide closer to show which species each exhibitor will show, then to cover all their options they must enter one entry for each species for each exhibitor.